Cellbox shipper FLIGHT for biological samples

The portable CO2 incubator


The CellboxTM Shipper FLIGHT 2.0  revolutionizes long-distance transport of live cells by air, offering a new generation of active temperature-controlled and CO2-conditioned shipping incubators. Ingeniously engineered to utilize dry ice as a CO2 source, it adheres to stringent airline regulations while allowing users to program specific CO2 and temperature settings. This innovation optimizes the incubation chamber conditions for precious biological materials, challenging the status quo of traditional low to cryogenic temperature storage and transport methods. Cellbox™ addresses the limitations of cryopreservation, such as unsatisfactory cell recovery rates, by maintaining user-defined incubation conditions during transit. Capable of sustaining a 37°C temperature and 5% CO2 concentration for over 32 hours—and up to 48 hours or more with specialized logistics—Cellbox™ ensures the viability and integrity of cells, mitigating risks like loss of viability or unwanted differentiation. Validated and trusted for a wide range of applications, the Cellbox™ Shipper Flight is the superior solution for live cell transport, ensuring your valuable cells can reach nearly any destination worldwide under optimal conditions. Explore the various application fields where Cellbox™ is already making significant contributions and discover a better way to transport cells.



Benefits of live cell transport 

  • No pH-shift or use of metabolically active cryoprotectants.
  • No altered protein expression; no mechanic or osmotic stress
  • Intelligently maintains internal environment for up to 24 hours
  • High cell viability and accurate continuous data logging
  • No freezing, no thawing - Cells arrive ready-to-use



  • CO2 source: Dry ice sublimation
  • CO2 concentration (%): 0 – 18
  • Temperature range: - 28-38°C @ 23°C ambient temperature
  • Maintains 5% CO2 environment for: - + 32 hours
  • Battery maintains 37°C at RT for: + 48 hours*
  • Data logging: Reworked Cellbox App
  • Data logging interval: every 1 minute
  • CBS 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance: On request**
  • Touchscreen input: ✓
  • Flight permit: ✓
  • Lid opening sensor: ✓
  • Tilt: ✓
  • Vibration: ✓
  • Acceleration: ✓
  • Ambient pressure: ✓
  • Ambient temperature: ✓
  • GPRS tracker: On request 
  • Weight (kg): 17
  • Power: 100 – 240 V
  • Car adapter: ✓

**n Cellbox Overpack@ 23°C ambient temperature

**with surcharge


Cellbox control

Constant data logging and export via bluetooth to the Cellbox app.






For cell cultures, for cellular research, for scientific research, for IVF.


benchtop, compact, mobile, top-loading, transportable

Number of doors


Other characteristics

temperature-control, active, for flasks, for microplates, for test tubes

Temperature range

Max.:  38 °C
(100.4 °F)

Min.:  28 °C
(82.4 °F)


Max.:  4 l
(1.1 gal)

Min.:  0 l
(0 gal)

Suitable formats Multiwell plates, t-flasks, chip formats etc.


Application examples


• Lab-on-a Chip
• Organ-on-a-Chip
• On-site/In-the-field experiments
• Cell Toxicity Tests
• Microfluidics

• Cell Bank
• Cryo Banks



• Primary Cell Cultures
• Stem Cells



• Tissue Engineering
• Organoids
• 3D-Bioprinting


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