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2024 NEW Calendar game
 2024 calendar game, can you answer all these questions? 

Disinfectants for contamination-free laboratories
         Essential: disinfectants for contamination-free lab work     Discover our selection of cell culture area disinfectants:   Biocidal: Spray disinfectant for incubators and sterile...

Protein Capture Tools:  Advancing Research
  Protein Capture Tools: Elevating Scientific Research     Our company offers molecular tools for the capture of ubiquitylated, LC3/GABARAP, NEDDylated, and SUMOylated proteins. These tools are used in biotechnology research and drug discovery.   Advantages ...

ELISA, Antibody Arrays, and bead based multiplex Technologies
  Please find below more informations on these three immunoassays methods that Biovalley offers   

Secure Your Spot: Exclusive Free Testing with LymphoSign Kit
 Free Testing with LymphoSign Kit -Limited to 25 first Clients-   We are introducing the LymphoSign Kit – a new tool that can help you better understand cellular health in your research.   LymphoSign Kit: Illuminating Insights into Health   Delving into health complexities has been made incredibly accessible...

     **New Matrigengel Matrix   Basement Membrane Extracts Discover our Matrigengel Matrix (1ml sample format), derived from genetically modified mouse tumor cells, plays a crucial role in tissue organization, and cell functions, and acts as a barrier against metastatic...

    Transfer caps and pumping system for research: Facilitate aseptic transfer of media and cells   Transfer caps associated with Optimum Growth® flasks can be used for adding reagents, seeding larger bioreactors or cell bags, pumping media into flasks from large drums or media bags, and other transfers of liquid media into and out of bioreactors...

                                                  The 3-in-1 Plate combines spheroid formation, ECM integration, drug testing and downstream analysis all in one easy-to-use platform. The insert is perfectly suited for a variety of experiments. "All in One Platform" ...

Discover state-of-the-art FISH probes for accurate and reliable diagnosis!
The best in FISH probes: Unparalleled accuracy and reliability for a reliable diagnosis.

Maximizing the Potential of Primary Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Mesenchymal stromal cells of research and clinical quality

Revolutionize Your Cell Culture with Biomimesys Hydroscaffold 3D
                                              Application and methods            BIOMIMESYS® is compatible with robotic platforms and with main downstream analytical technologies:     Tuning the composition of BIOMIMESYS® matrix allows to mimic the cellular microenvironment of any organ or tissue of interest...

ZERO exposure NBF containers
Are you concerned about formaldehyde exposure? ZERO exposure neutral buffered formalin (NBF) containers provide the ultimate protection for Long-term formaldehyde exposure that increases the risk of health effects, most commonly asthmalike respiratory problems as well as eye and skin irritation. 

Primary cells or cell lines not working for you? Try upcyte cells !
Expanded primary and customized cells

Visualize apoptosis in real-time with NucView
The ONLY caspase substrates for real-time apoptosis detection

Insect Cell Culture Medium: unmatched growth
Discover our ready-to-use Insect Cell Culture Medium ideal for scale-up manufacturing.

Faster, easier: a new way to count your cells
Automated cell counters

Omicron : new variant, new proteins
Omicron variant related products for COVID research

Precast gels for protein electrophoresis - Fits your tank !
Compatible with all 10 cm tanks

NeoBLOT : New mini vertical blot system
Transfer proteins from up to 2 gels

NeoPRO : New mini vertical electrophoresis system
Run 1 to 4 polyacrylamide gels in 35 minutes

Insect cell medium : Test and get better performance !
ESF AF - Animal-Free Insect Medium

Need an aid for pipetting? Try our new pipette controller
Superior performance for a very affordable price

NeoLine UV - Pipette carousel with UV-C lamp
Store, protect and disinfect your pipettes

New NeoLine micropipette range by Neo Biotech
A truly effortless pipetting experience - Available in mono and mutlichannel

Choosing the Best Antifadent
These are the critical decision factors which will help you select the most appropriate mountant: